The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box opens the scene, the first of the “Echoes of The Mystery Box” series.The book is vividly and passionately written for both primary and middle school children. Each page captivates the reader as the story unfolds. You can’t put the book down until you come to the end!

“Action and Adventure”

Kwoyome clan locked itself out of the family inheritance when the key got swept away in the floods. Not only did they lose the key, but the family identity as well. Many generations passed without seeing the family inheritance. Social fabrics succumbed to the loss and the tribe disintergrated, leaving only one man holding to his shredded birth right. After many decades, Thiam and Tamara, of the sixth generation changed the course of the Kwoyome people. Their dog, Mildew found a small gray box in a scary cave by the gorge. It was a seamless box, and had no locks. What a mystery, what a discovery!



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