Unilock logo is self-explanatory, it’s comprised of a book and a golden key. As you go through the pages the book is depicted in different shades to represent different educational domains, and the key maintains the same colour. The reason being books serve the same purpose in every field of education; unlocking knowledge. There was no other pictorial way to explain the relationship between education and books. Dr. Nyatanga sees books as keys to unlock knowledge in any department of education, be it formal or informal. Visit every faculty at any University, you hear professors referring their students to certain titles; books. A primary or a secondary school teacher teaches from books too, showing how important these tools are in disseminating information. Dr. Nyatanga strongly believes that positive-informative books are golden keys that usher a child or an adult into a rich and vast realm of truth. Who can deny such an honour or elevation? Well tapped knowledge, if effectively applied to one’s life can transform an individual, and the results can be magical. Who would resist light when it shines in darkness? As educationists, let us run this race of literacy campaign, fully convinced that the race is worthy undertaking. It gives much pleasure to invest in people, our future leaders. Before putting her pen to rest, Dr. Nyatanga, applauds Melody Wan, who could vividly picture the logo as she listened to all the details.


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