Books are a foundation in everyone's life, great or small! Authors, you have work to do!
“Character Building Books”

Unilock has a mission to create a positive reading culture in people, through writing and publishing character building reading material.  We believe in bringing up our children in a positive environment, where the self is valued and significant others are given their due respect. People are a product of what they see, hear and eat. It is far better to invest in people’s lives at a tender age,  than to later on pump billions of dollars into correctional institutions, to rectify problems that could have been avoided.  Responsibility, accountability and respect are emphasised throughout our stories. Building a reading culture in children is part of discipline and this links the home and the school, facilitated by effective communication. Unilock believes in the art of teaching that produces strong children, grounded in firm foundation. Reading, writing, learning and teaching are interwoven to create this crucial base where every child has an opportunity to learn and excel in their different disciplines.


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