Why encourage kids to read?

  1. To broaden their world view
  2. They have fun
  3. They go on an adventure
  4. They become skillful in solving problems
  5. They acquire new vocabulary
  6. They get inspired and get to investigate why things are the way they are
  7. Their imagination skills are awakened
  8. They become inquisitive and build mental images
  9. They become aware that books hold a lot of important information
  10. They are drawn more and more to the library
  11. They get some jokes from books
  12. Their emotions are enhanced
  13. They get encouraged by stories of people they emulate
  14. They also come to know that there are more ways to work on a problem
  15. Reading can become a hobby
  16. They can start their own reading club where they exchange books
  17. Raises expectation of bedtime stories
  18. Inspire them to write their own stories


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