How do I go through the day with them-Kids?

  1. Have a lesson plan
  2. Be yourself
  3. Command courage
  4. Know when to seek help
  5. Teach them
  6. Love them



Mindset change in Mentors

  • Mentors are educators who constantly present and evaluate learning material to the learner to mould and shape children’s behaviours.
  • Changing our negative attitudes towards learners is a positive strategy to curb bad behaviour.
  • Show learners you care, and you are not there to catch them out, but to help.
  • See students with problems and not problem students. identify the problem and find ways to eliminate it.
  • Grow your world view as you encounter problems. See it as an opportunity to develop new skills as you apply positive ways to solve these problems.

As we change our mindset, there is a shift on focus from blaming to giving support. Most behaviour problems are a call for help

Why encourage kids to read?

  1. To broaden their world view
  2. They have fun
  3. They go on an adventure
  4. They become skillful in solving problems
  5. They acquire new vocabulary
  6. They get inspired and get to investigate why things are the way they are
  7. Their imagination skills are awakened
  8. They become inquisitive and build mental images
  9. They become aware that books hold a lot of important information
  10. They are drawn more and more to the library
  11. They get some jokes from books
  12. Their emotions are enhanced
  13. They get encouraged by stories of people they emulate
  14. They also come to know that there are more ways to work on a problem
  15. Reading can become a hobby
  16. They can start their own reading club where they exchange books
  17. Raises expectation of bedtime stories
  18. Inspire them to write their own stories

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I Read, Write and Teach

The art of teaching is driven by your passion, through reading, writing, learning and teaching experiences. Those interactions you constantly have with learners, peers and the environment shade light to areas that need improvement. The stories generated along the way need to be told, so I write. When learning is taking place skills are acquired, and these are applied to solve problems. In the process we build strong children, who are not likely to walk in and out correctional institutions later in life. Reading, writing, learning and teaching are interwoven to lay a strong foundation for intellectual growth. So in my blog I address these issues.

Why write books?

Book writing is a journey that takes you through different terrains! Some journeys are short and others long, so are stories. Thrilling journeys make the heart smile and eyes twinkle, as joys of life are shared. Other journeys are too difficult to make, causing hearts to bleed and tears to bite, as sensitive and heart breaking memories come to haunt. These journeys are our life stories we paint in black and white.